Chloe + Isabel Jewelry Party

You may think I spend all my time on Facebook after this post, but I promise that I don’t.

But when I am on Facebook and other social media I definitely take notice of certain things that are trending and get really interested in some of them.

First it was the #100happydays craze (which I will say that I have been successful with so far) and now Chloe + Isabel has become one of those things.

I have seen ads for Chloe + Isabel Jewelry and the lovely “suggested posts” for them throughout my Facebook news feed. All of which sparked my interest, because the jewelry is SO gorgeous!

Well, I just found out my good friends sister has become a merchandiser for the Chloe + Isabel Jewelry line.

I know…how ironic and awesome is that?!

So I have decided to host my own Chloe + Isabel Jewelry party…THIS COMING WEEKEND!

The cool thing about this jewelry party is that the party is online! So you can go shopping in your pajamas with a glass of wine in your hand! My favorite kind of shopping if I might add!

My party will start tomorrow, Friday May 16th and run through Monday, May 19th. And because it is online, you can go to the website and place an order at any time during these days.

So if you do decide to order some of their FABULOUS jewelry at my “party,” make sure you are on the boutique for “Courtney Ottmers” (that is my friends sister). And when you checkout, there will be an option to choose a pop-up shop and there you will select my name, “Cheryl Truett.”

I mean, check out how GORGEOUS their jewelry is…

morning tide convertible collar necklace morning tide chandelier earrings

morning tide stud earrings

6 stackable rings overlapping metal disc collar necklace gilded reeds adventure ring gilded reeds adventure drop earrings 10309176_10102311840959148_4494009188476613577_n


If you want to order yourself some of this gorgeous jewelry visit this website and order from my party that starts tomorrow May 16th until May 19th…


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