“You Don’t Have to Go Fast. You Just Have to Go”

I am going to make a bold statement and say…that we all have areas in our life that need or have needed some sort of motivation in order to meet our goal – whether it’s our careers, relationships, mental and emotional state, or in my case fitness and running.

I am struggling to find motivation to do ANY kind of exercise and running at this point and I am barely 2 months in to this new way of life I am striving for. It’s RIDICULOUS!

I find myself falling back into my old ways and habits, of being completely lazy, not doing anything active, and finding every excuse in the book.

Going home after a long day at work to snuggle my puppies, husband, and glass of wine (yes…snuggle my glass of wine) just sounds more appealing to me lately than gearing up to go for a run.

This is how I feel currently about running…



At times, the goals we have set for ourselves may seem like a huge undertaking, but with a little motivation, I have no doubt that you and I can reach our goals – whatever they may be.

So here it goes…words of encouragement to help light the fire under our ass (especially mine!)










I hope this gives you the motivation you need to accomplish whatever goal you have in front of you today.

I’d love to hear from you:

What are some things that motivate you when you are struggling?  

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Holy Heat!


Let me start off by saying…the weather in Lubbock is just CRAZY! We go from 30 degrees one day to 60+ degrees the next day. It really screws up the whole consistent running schedule thing.

Well, this past Saturday, it was a GORGEOUS day outside. Just beautiful. High of 67 degrees compared to the high of 30 degrees we had the entire last week. So we have established that Saturday was gorgeous, but did I mention that the wind gusts were SO strong that they could have knocked me over? Yep, that strong! But this is Lubbock, and if I use “it’s too windy” as an excuse not to run then I may as well put my running shoes away now because it is ALWAYS windy in Lubbock.

We just started actively running at the start of the new year so I have learned to run in the cooler temperatures and you know…enjoy it! (yes, you heard correctly…enjoy it!) But I thought with finally having a warm day to run, I could really get out there and feel accomplished and successful in my training. NOPE! I was completely wrong. I thought it would be so much easier running in warmer weather, but take the wind out of the equation and Saturday was THE HARDEST 1.3 miles I have ever run since we started training from the temperature change alone!!

My heart was working what felt like 10 times harder just to run the same route and pace I had been doing for the past month. My breathing was so much heavier. I was getting winded and out of breath quicker. I just became tired so much easier and faster than when I run in the cooler weather.

Now I don’t know the science behind it all, so don’t quote me on this or hold me to it, but my guess is that because it was warmer outside my heart was working harder than it does when running in the cold weather, which in turn made me tired quicker, and out of breath faster. Whatever was going on, it was MISERABLE!

Now I NEVER thought I would say that I prefer running in colder weather over warmer weather, but I think this may be the case because Saturday kicked my butt!

But of course, now it is snowing again in Lubbock, (I am telling you…CRAZY weather!) so it looks like I will have at least a few more cooler days of running before I have to brave running in the warmer temperature.

So this is where I need your help!

Am I missing any crucial tips, pointers, or advice about running in warmer weather over colder weather? What do you do when you are running and have to change from season to season? How do you help your body adjust to the change?

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It’s A Miracle

So a couple weeks back I decided that what might help my ankle and calf pain while running would be a good pair of running shoes. I had heard of this local store in town called Foot Tech, and decided to give it a try. I went in one day after work. The guy confirmed and then explained that when I walk I pronate my foot. So basically I put more pressure on the inside of my foot causing it to put strain on the outside of my ankle and calf (exactly where I was having my pain).

He tries a couple shoes on me, and while they feel ok, I can’t determine if they are THE shoes. If anyone knows me they know that I have 1. An abundance of shoes and 2. An abundance of tennis shoes. All of which my husband can do without. So since I have so many tennis shoes, I know that tennis shoes are comfortable and I enjoy wearing them. This is why, when the guy at Foot Tech was trying all these shoes on my feet, I couldn’t determine what made these different from the tennis shoes I already had.

He then puts me in a neutral shoe with some orthopedic insoles. I AM SOLD! They felt amazing on my feet. He had me walk around the store and they still felt amazing on my feet. I have been told I have a high arch support so having this support felt amazing. I didn’t even know my feet were missing this kind of joy.

photo 1

photo 2 photo 3Now comes the “I can’t believe I am about to spend this much on some tennis shoes” moment. I try to get a hold of my husband to confirm that it is ok to spend this kind of money. Eventually he answers his phone and says to go ahead and get them.

We take our dogs for a walk that same evening so that I could get used to my shoes a little bit. The pain in my ankle and calf was still there….from just walking!! This is where the buyer’s remorse comes in. I had spent $160 on some Brooks running shoes that weren’t even helping me walk without this pain.

I became so discouraged and frustrated.

After taking about a week and a half off from running because of some cold fronts blowing through, I was more motivated than ever to get out there and really start training for this half-marathon I keep talking about.

So yesterday was the day! Kent and I got home from work, geared up, and went out for our run.

While I was a little out of shape from not running for almost the past 2 weeks, yesterday was THE BEST I HAVE EVER FELT RUNNING!! I had absolutely NO pain while running. No ankle pain. No calf or leg pain. We ran 1.5 miles, I know I know it may not seem like much, but this is the farthest we have run while training for our half-marathon. HUGE accomplishment!

When we got back to the house I was all smiles. (Which shocked Kent!)

I have to credit our short break from running and my new running shoes to me coming back with a smile on my face.

But, now I am ready to get even more serious about this half-marathon training.

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PS: My brother Alan Faneca is running in his first ever marathon this weekend!!! He has been dedicated and training long and hard for this and he is just days away from running in the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon in New Orleans this weekend. I am a proud little sister. Always have been and always will be!