“You Don’t Have to Go Fast. You Just Have to Go”

I am going to make a bold statement and say…that we all have areas in our life that need or have needed some sort of motivation in order to meet our goal – whether it’s our careers, relationships, mental and emotional state, or in my case fitness and running.

I am struggling to find motivation to do ANY kind of exercise and running at this point and I am barely 2 months in to this new way of life I am striving for. It’s RIDICULOUS!

I find myself falling back into my old ways and habits, of being completely lazy, not doing anything active, and finding every excuse in the book.

Going home after a long day at work to snuggle my puppies, husband, and glass of wine (yes…snuggle my glass of wine) just sounds more appealing to me lately than gearing up to go for a run.

This is how I feel currently about running…



At times, the goals we have set for ourselves may seem like a huge undertaking, but with a little motivation, I have no doubt that you and I can reach our goals – whatever they may be.

So here it goes…words of encouragement to help light the fire under our ass (especially mine!)










I hope this gives you the motivation you need to accomplish whatever goal you have in front of you today.

I’d love to hear from you:

What are some things that motivate you when you are struggling?  

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3 thoughts on ““You Don’t Have to Go Fast. You Just Have to Go”

  1. When I’m struggling, what motivates me is my family. I’ve got to get up, go to work, be healthy and live well for them! Sometimes I don’t believe I’m worth these things, but I always believe they are, so it gives me motivation to make it work.

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