Holy Heat!


Let me start off by saying…the weather in Lubbock is just CRAZY! We go from 30 degrees one day to 60+ degrees the next day. It really screws up the whole consistent running schedule thing.

Well, this past Saturday, it was a GORGEOUS day outside. Just beautiful. High of 67 degrees compared to the high of 30 degrees we had the entire last week. So we have established that Saturday was gorgeous, but did I mention that the wind gusts were SO strong that they could have knocked me over? Yep, that strong! But this is Lubbock, and if I use “it’s too windy” as an excuse not to run then I may as well put my running shoes away now because it is ALWAYS windy in Lubbock.

We just started actively running at the start of the new year so I have learned to run in the cooler temperatures and you know…enjoy it! (yes, you heard correctly…enjoy it!) But I thought with finally having a warm day to run, I could really get out there and feel accomplished and successful in my training. NOPE! I was completely wrong. I thought it would be so much easier running in warmer weather, but take the wind out of the equation and Saturday was THE HARDEST 1.3 miles I have ever run since we started training from the temperature change alone!!

My heart was working what felt like 10 times harder just to run the same route and pace I had been doing for the past month. My breathing was so much heavier. I was getting winded and out of breath quicker. I just became tired so much easier and faster than when I run in the cooler weather.

Now I don’t know the science behind it all, so don’t quote me on this or hold me to it, but my guess is that because it was warmer outside my heart was working harder than it does when running in the cold weather, which in turn made me tired quicker, and out of breath faster. Whatever was going on, it was MISERABLE!

Now I NEVER thought I would say that I prefer running in colder weather over warmer weather, but I think this may be the case because Saturday kicked my butt!

But of course, now it is snowing again in Lubbock, (I am telling you…CRAZY weather!) so it looks like I will have at least a few more cooler days of running before I have to brave running in the warmer temperature.

So this is where I need your help!

Am I missing any crucial tips, pointers, or advice about running in warmer weather over colder weather? What do you do when you are running and have to change from season to season? How do you help your body adjust to the change?

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7 thoughts on “Holy Heat!

  1. I’m sure I don’t know, but I suspect a mind set has a part in it. I’m curious to see what your readers will suggest. There must be some practical ways to deal with swings in the weather. : )

  2. I wish I had expertise to share, my love! But as you know, in this case I do not. I think part of it is your body adjusting to the change in seasons. When it was warm on Saturday, I felt HOT even though it wasn’t warm temperature-wise. My guess is once our weather starts warming up, you will get more used to it.

  3. A lot of things could attribute to this. One being the obvious nutrition and hydration stuff. If I don’t drink enough or cut my carbs to low, I find my runs struggle by the end of or beginning of the next week. Breathing is another key component. No matter how hard or far I run I really try to keep it under control. 2 seconds breathing in the nose, and then 2 seconds out the mouth. You may find this helps your cadence as well. Keeps mine slow and steady. It may just be your body adjusting to the weather, but, I find that running is as much mental as physical. Good Luck.

    • Yes, breathing is definitely something I need to work on. At least that is what my husband tells me. But the 2 seconds breathing in the nose and then 2 seconds out the mouth is really helpful advice to get me going in the right direction! Thank you!

  4. Hey!! 🙂 This is my advice. I’ve dealt with this problem some: Make sure you are dressing for the weather, keep hydrated on warmer days, and I’d even advise getting some sort of electrolyte hydration drink and drinking it before your run. I use Nuun electrolyte enhanced drink tablets (http://www.nuun.com/). I put a tablet in my water bottle and drink before runs/swims. Hope this helps a little bit!! It might take your body some time to get used to warmer weather.

    • My husband will be the first to tell you I need to hydrate more. So I will certainly look into the Nuun electrolyte drink tablets! What a great idea, I have never heard of it before!! Thank you Kristin!

      • Haha, wow, my husband is the exact same way with me! He gets on me for not hydrating enough! I really like the cherry limeade flavor by the way!! 🙂

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