“You Don’t Have to Go Fast. You Just Have to Go”

I am going to make a bold statement and say…that we all have areas in our life that need or have needed some sort of motivation in order to meet our goal – whether it’s our careers, relationships, mental and emotional state, or in my case fitness and running.

I am struggling to find motivation to do ANY kind of exercise and running at this point and I am barely 2 months in to this new way of life I am striving for. It’s RIDICULOUS!

I find myself falling back into my old ways and habits, of being completely lazy, not doing anything active, and finding every excuse in the book.

Going home after a long day at work to snuggle my puppies, husband, and glass of wine (yes…snuggle my glass of wine) just sounds more appealing to me lately than gearing up to go for a run.

This is how I feel currently about running…



At times, the goals we have set for ourselves may seem like a huge undertaking, but with a little motivation, I have no doubt that you and I can reach our goals – whatever they may be.

So here it goes…words of encouragement to help light the fire under our ass (especially mine!)










I hope this gives you the motivation you need to accomplish whatever goal you have in front of you today.

I’d love to hear from you:

What are some things that motivate you when you are struggling?  

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I’m Calling A “Time Out”

Anyone who knows me can testify that I am obsessed with Pinterest. I was taking a look at my Pinterest account today and I got a little embarrassed for myself. We are talking…BRACE YOURSELF… 44 Pinterest boards, 5,304 pins, and 1, 450 likes. [Insert shocked face here.]

It all started in graduate school at Texas Tech University. Miss Mattie Claire, a sweet girl in one of my graduate classes, told me about this website called Pinterest. I guess we can agree that she created a monster, BECAUSE I LOVE PINTEREST. But let’s get real…during that time in my life, I needed an outlet and Pinterest was just that. (By the way check out her blog here at Fit is Chic | by Mattie Claire…this girl is ROCKIN!)

I have Pinterest boards dedicated to so many different topics…from a “90s Kid” board to bring me through memory lane, an all things “wine” board (because this girl loves her wine), “recipes,” “sweets,” “holidays,” and I even have a board dedicated to my niece and nephew where I pin crafts that would be fun to do with them.

Anyway, while I will be the first to admit that my pinning can be excessive; I do want to defend my case. There are certainly some things on my Pinterest boards that I will NEVER experience, try, or have. But if you follow me on Pinterest you will notice that I have a “things I have done” board. This is where I pin anything and everything that I have tried from Pinterest. So while it is easy to just keep pinning and pinning projects, ideas, etc. I try to at least try some of the things I come across that can be useful to me or just something fun or yummy to try.

So, this will be my first post of many, sharing with you a Pinterest project I have tried.

This project I call my “Time Out Jar.” Others may refer to it as a “Calm-Down Jar” or a “Mind Jar.”

Basically this idea comes from putting a kid in time out. The child may get worked up or really upset and pester mom and dad asking if time is up yet and the parents get tired of answering that question. Well you give them a time out jar and tell them they have to sit there until all the glitter reaches the bottom of the jar. This gives them something more to look at than the corner of the wall and may have some calming effects on the child while they wait for the time to be up.

You may be asking yourself…”But you don’t have kids yet so why on earth did you make this?”

The answer is that I made it for myself. Yep you heard correctly. When I was in graduate school, most of my time was spent at a desk, looking at my laptop or reading a book. My mom was always reminding me that it was OK to take breaks, to give my mind a “time out,” and then come back to my work a little more refreshed.

So I went out to get the materials for this project. Which all you need is: glitter glue, hot water, food coloring, a jar, and of course more glitter. SO SIMPLE!

It was perfect when I needed to step away from my laptop and books, I would shake my jar and go do something else. In about 5 minutes the glitter would settle and I would get back to work. Plus it was just fun and pretty to look at.

Now that my graduate school days are over, this jar was just sitting in our house collecting dust. I have since brought it to my office. And in case you did not know, I am an Academic Advisor for the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University. So I work with college kids every day. My reason for bringing this to my office is that sometimes students just need to fidget with something while they sit in an office, especially an office where they may be nervous talking about their future.

If nothing else it is a GREAT conversation starter! Let me just tell you. So many students come into my office for appointments and cannot leave until they know what this jar with pink water is on my desk. And it is always fun telling them the story behind it. They typically get a good chuckle or smile out of it and I think it helps bring a sense of peace over them and humanization to me.

Check out my picture below and let me know what you think.

What do you do when you need to take a “Time Out” from a daunting task?

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Holy Heat!


Let me start off by saying…the weather in Lubbock is just CRAZY! We go from 30 degrees one day to 60+ degrees the next day. It really screws up the whole consistent running schedule thing.

Well, this past Saturday, it was a GORGEOUS day outside. Just beautiful. High of 67 degrees compared to the high of 30 degrees we had the entire last week. So we have established that Saturday was gorgeous, but did I mention that the wind gusts were SO strong that they could have knocked me over? Yep, that strong! But this is Lubbock, and if I use “it’s too windy” as an excuse not to run then I may as well put my running shoes away now because it is ALWAYS windy in Lubbock.

We just started actively running at the start of the new year so I have learned to run in the cooler temperatures and you know…enjoy it! (yes, you heard correctly…enjoy it!) But I thought with finally having a warm day to run, I could really get out there and feel accomplished and successful in my training. NOPE! I was completely wrong. I thought it would be so much easier running in warmer weather, but take the wind out of the equation and Saturday was THE HARDEST 1.3 miles I have ever run since we started training from the temperature change alone!!

My heart was working what felt like 10 times harder just to run the same route and pace I had been doing for the past month. My breathing was so much heavier. I was getting winded and out of breath quicker. I just became tired so much easier and faster than when I run in the cooler weather.

Now I don’t know the science behind it all, so don’t quote me on this or hold me to it, but my guess is that because it was warmer outside my heart was working harder than it does when running in the cold weather, which in turn made me tired quicker, and out of breath faster. Whatever was going on, it was MISERABLE!

Now I NEVER thought I would say that I prefer running in colder weather over warmer weather, but I think this may be the case because Saturday kicked my butt!

But of course, now it is snowing again in Lubbock, (I am telling you…CRAZY weather!) so it looks like I will have at least a few more cooler days of running before I have to brave running in the warmer temperature.

So this is where I need your help!

Am I missing any crucial tips, pointers, or advice about running in warmer weather over colder weather? What do you do when you are running and have to change from season to season? How do you help your body adjust to the change?

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