Second Wind

I started this whole half marathon endeavor excited, determined and most importantly consistent. But once the end of the second week got here and I started having problems with my ankle and leg muscle, I got so discouraged, more discouraged than I can express in words. Needless to say, I have not been very consistent, determined or excited about training here recently.

In fact, I have disappointed myself lately. I have used every excuse in the book to not get out there and run.

Since this injury I have gone to a store called Foot Tech here in town and found out that I pronate my right foot, which is probably what is causing my pain when running. So, I dropped some big bucks on some neutral Brooks shoes with some orthopedic insoles in order to help with my pronation. They feel great when I walk in them around the house, but the first time I went out in them though I still got that pain in my ankle and leg just from walking! Another discouragement.

So after a few obstacles I have really been struggling to get back into the saddle again. Because I am back to doing what is comfortable for me…. not being active.

But I refuse to let myself give up on this adventure.

My 26th birthday was exactly a week ago and my wonderful husband bought me a massage for my gift. I obviously couldn’t go to long without using it so I got my wonderful massage yesterday afternoon. It was magnificent and my muscles and I feel incredibly refreshed.

My massage and knowing that I still have some new shoes to try out with running are giving me just the second wind that I need to get back into the habit again of running.

This is a new week for me and I am ready to go for it!

When you get discouraged, what helps you “get back in the saddle” again?

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