There’s A First Time For Everything

When I was much younger (let’s say 3rd or 4th grade) , I was a picky little girl, from the clothes I wore to the food I ate. At this time my brother was just dating my now sister in law, Julie. But while my mom was at a conference out of town, I went and stayed with Julie for a week. But let me start off by giving you an example of how much I idolize and adore Julie…I named my blonde Cabbage Patch doll after her (huge deal for a little girl!). She was the sister I never had and she had a huge impact on my life, and still does.

Well…when I was staying with her for the week, she realized how picky I was about everything (which I think drove her nuts!). So she made a rule for the entire week I was with her that I had to try three (yes THREE) new foods every day. This was a hard concept to grasp for a kid my age. But I looked up to her so much that without any fuss I said ok and tried my three new foods every day.

Needless to say this rule still follows me today as an almost 26 year old. Any family gathering that has a food I have never tried my family asks me if I have had my 3 new foods for the day. Typically I haven’t and have to just suck it up and try a new food that I most likely wouldn’t have had the opportunity to try otherwise.

I could have easily looked at this experience as a negative one throughout my life but I look at it now and think…I never would have known I liked certain foods if I never tried anything new.

This rings true not just for new food but for life in general. How do you know you don’t like something if you have never tried it at least once? In order to evolve and become who you are and who God wants you to be, you have to experience what life has to offer which means trying things for the first time. You will never know what you like if you never try something new.

This past (almost) year of marriage has brought many firsts for Kent and I as we have gotten adjusted to married life and everything that comes with it. But as we look back and are thankful for all the “firsts” we have experienced we are jumping into the year 2014 with more excitement and determination than ever.

One thing that Kent and I have decided to jump into for the first time ever for both of us is a half-marathon. Yep, you heard me right! Anyone that knows me, knows that after my time playing a collegiate sport and having to work out all the time for it, I have wanted nothing to do with any sort of exercise. But Kent, my brother Alan, and sister-in-law Julie strategically “talked” me into pursuing a half marathon this year. It was partly my idea and partly them talking me into it.

So this is where I say…there’s a first time for everything. And just as I tried new foods for the first time and learned to love them I am going to embark on training for this half marathon and learn to love all it has to offer.

This blog is another first for me this year. I know a few people who have blogs themselves (you can find them in the ‘blogs i follow section’) and I thoroughly enjoy reading their stories, advice, and motivation.

My thought behind this blog is that since I am embarking on this half-marathon adventure this year it gives me at least one thing to share with you. Whether it is my progress, my struggles, my breakdowns or heck…even just life in general and what the year 2014 has in store for Kent and I. I feel that there will be plenty to talk about and share with you regarding the many “firsts” we experience.

So to me…”There’s a first time for everything” means that nothing is impossible and anything can happen. And that is what I am believing for Kent and I in the year 2014.

I hope you stick around to see what 2014 has in store for us and also share with us what 2014 is bringing your way as well.



4 thoughts on “There’s A First Time For Everything

  1. Nicely done! I look forward to you teaching my daughter to eat three new foods a day cause she won’t listen to me. 🙂 So happy to hear about your training. Great blog!

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