It’s A Miracle

So a couple weeks back I decided that what might help my ankle and calf pain while running would be a good pair of running shoes. I had heard of this local store in town called Foot Tech, and decided to give it a try. I went in one day after work. The guy confirmed and then explained that when I walk I pronate my foot. So basically I put more pressure on the inside of my foot causing it to put strain on the outside of my ankle and calf (exactly where I was having my pain).

He tries a couple shoes on me, and while they feel ok, I can’t determine if they are THE shoes. If anyone knows me they know that I have 1. An abundance of shoes and 2. An abundance of tennis shoes. All of which my husband can do without. So since I have so many tennis shoes, I know that tennis shoes are comfortable and I enjoy wearing them. This is why, when the guy at Foot Tech was trying all these shoes on my feet, I couldn’t determine what made these different from the tennis shoes I already had.

He then puts me in a neutral shoe with some orthopedic insoles. I AM SOLD! They felt amazing on my feet. He had me walk around the store and they still felt amazing on my feet. I have been told I have a high arch support so having this support felt amazing. I didn’t even know my feet were missing this kind of joy.

photo 1

photo 2 photo 3Now comes the “I can’t believe I am about to spend this much on some tennis shoes” moment. I try to get a hold of my husband to confirm that it is ok to spend this kind of money. Eventually he answers his phone and says to go ahead and get them.

We take our dogs for a walk that same evening so that I could get used to my shoes a little bit. The pain in my ankle and calf was still there….from just walking!! This is where the buyer’s remorse comes in. I had spent $160 on some Brooks running shoes that weren’t even helping me walk without this pain.

I became so discouraged and frustrated.

After taking about a week and a half off from running because of some cold fronts blowing through, I was more motivated than ever to get out there and really start training for this half-marathon I keep talking about.

So yesterday was the day! Kent and I got home from work, geared up, and went out for our run.

While I was a little out of shape from not running for almost the past 2 weeks, yesterday was THE BEST I HAVE EVER FELT RUNNING!! I had absolutely NO pain while running. No ankle pain. No calf or leg pain. We ran 1.5 miles, I know I know it may not seem like much, but this is the farthest we have run while training for our half-marathon. HUGE accomplishment!

When we got back to the house I was all smiles. (Which shocked Kent!)

I have to credit our short break from running and my new running shoes to me coming back with a smile on my face.

But, now I am ready to get even more serious about this half-marathon training.

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PS: My brother Alan Faneca is running in his first ever marathon this weekend!!! He has been dedicated and training long and hard for this and he is just days away from running in the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon in New Orleans this weekend. I am a proud little sister. Always have been and always will be!


Second Wind

I started this whole half marathon endeavor excited, determined and most importantly consistent. But once the end of the second week got here and I started having problems with my ankle and leg muscle, I got so discouraged, more discouraged than I can express in words. Needless to say, I have not been very consistent, determined or excited about training here recently.

In fact, I have disappointed myself lately. I have used every excuse in the book to not get out there and run.

Since this injury I have gone to a store called Foot Tech here in town and found out that I pronate my right foot, which is probably what is causing my pain when running. So, I dropped some big bucks on some neutral Brooks shoes with some orthopedic insoles in order to help with my pronation. They feel great when I walk in them around the house, but the first time I went out in them though I still got that pain in my ankle and leg just from walking! Another discouragement.

So after a few obstacles I have really been struggling to get back into the saddle again. Because I am back to doing what is comfortable for me…. not being active.

But I refuse to let myself give up on this adventure.

My 26th birthday was exactly a week ago and my wonderful husband bought me a massage for my gift. I obviously couldn’t go to long without using it so I got my wonderful massage yesterday afternoon. It was magnificent and my muscles and I feel incredibly refreshed.

My massage and knowing that I still have some new shoes to try out with running are giving me just the second wind that I need to get back into the habit again of running.

This is a new week for me and I am ready to go for it!

When you get discouraged, what helps you “get back in the saddle” again?

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My Cold Weather Running Essentials

In honor of the 20 degree weather we are having in Lubbock today, I thought it would be a good time to share with you some of my cold weather running essentials.

Now let me go ahead and say that I LOVE COLD WEATHER! I prefer being freezing cold than sweating my butt off in 100 degree weather. I think part of this love/hate relationship is because of my fair skin and how easily I burn.


Being extremely warm is the only way you will get me to run in cold weather. We all remember the first morning Kent and I tried to run before work…it was WAY to cold and we ended up back in bed watching TV until work.

So here it is…My 7 Cold Weather Running Essentials:


Cold weather running essentials


1: Ear Warmer: Cold ears while running is miserable, especially when West Texas wind is involved. I got this headband at Target and it is perfect! Not only is it affordable but it is thick enough to keep your ears warm yet light enough so that your ears aren’t sweating hot. The cool thing about this, for girls, is that there is a hole in the back of the headband for you to put your ponytail or bun through. AH-mazing!

2. Gloves: The next worst thing to cold ears is frozen hands. I got these gloves from Target also, which again makes these very affordable. (You will find this is a pattern with most things I buy.) A couple things I love about these gloves is that they have rubber dots on the palm of the gloves so that way if you are like me and you run holding your phone/iPod, most likely it isn’t going anywhere because your gloves are basically sticking to it. My second favorite thing about these gloves is they are touch screen compatible.

I haven’t figured out my running playlist completely yet, so this requires me to hold my phone in my hand so I can easily and quickly change the song. This is where the rubber grips and the touch screen compatibility on my gloves come in to save the day. LOVE THEM!

3. Long Sleeve Running Shirt: This is the BCG Cold Weather Crew Neck Long-Sleeved Shirt. The name of this shirt confirms what I wear it for. Again a very inexpensive purchase from Academy. This shirt is soft and warm on the inside while still utilizing the moisture-wicking fabric to keep me dry. This shirt has a long torso, which is something that I always look for in clothes of any kind.

In addition to the long torso, this shirt has thumb holes which keep the sleeves from riding up and going crazy. I love this shirt so much I just bought a different color of the same shirt with some birthday money.

What I love to do is put my gloves on and then put my thumbs through the thumb holes in the shirt. So my shirt covers part of my gloves which keeps any cold air getting through to my arms. YAYY!

4. Headphones: This is a given. But I will mention here that in addition to listening to my music I have an app called GIPIS, which helps me keep pace, time and speed of my running. So without my headphones to listen to my music and listen to the voice commands from my GIPIS app, I might be a hot mess out there running.

5. Nike Sports Bra: I don’t need to say much here, because girls…you know how important it is to have a good supportive bra, especially when it comes being active. And well this is the one I love.

6. Running Tights: These tights are from Target and a brand called C9 by Champion. They are stylish, incredibly comfortable, and warm. These are just as good as any $50 pair of running tights, except with these you can get two for the same price as that one pair. WIN – WIN for me!

7. Brooks Running Shoes: These shoes deserve a blog post all on their own and they will get all the fame and glory they deserve but I will give a brief introduction of them now. I bought these just the other day in hopes to help with my ankle/leg issues when running. These are some neutral shoes from Brooks, but my secret is that I have orthopedic inserts in them which feel amazing. I am still trying to get used to running in them, so that is where my next blog post will probably come from. But these shoes are so stylish and will hopefully continue to help with any pronation issues I have.

Well there you have it…My 7 Cold Weather Running Essentials. This list will most likely continue to grow, change and evolve as I hopefully start running further and longer, but this gets me through the cold weather right now.

What are some of your cold weather running essentials? Is there anything that should be on my cold weather running essentials list that isn’t?

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